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Aphasia Speaks

Aphasia Speaks was formed with individuals and their families in mind. Our program is designed to improve the communication skills of individuals who are living with aphasia. We know the frustration and anxiety that is felt when a simple answer to a simple question cannot be answered because the right words cannot be easily spoken by a person with aphasia. We know and understand because Aphasia Speaks is staffed with speech language pathologists who have worked for decades providing speech and language therapy to individuals who have experienced aphasia due to stroke or other brain injuries. We also know the frustration and heartbreak that caregivers and family members feel when watching their loved one struggle to communicate.

At Aphasia Speaks, individuals with aphasia will have an opportunity to socialize with other people who also have aphasia and will most importantly have an opportunity to participate in group activities that will enrich communication which may include improvement in speaking more fluently, reading a book or the newspaper, writing a letter to a friend, learning to use a cell phone, tablet or computer. Most importantly, activities are planned that are interesting, rewarding and meaningful in everyday living situations. 

The program at Aphasia Speaks is planned to accommodate an individual’s level of functioning. Therefore, individuals will be interviewed and will be administered a screening to determine candidacy for admission into the program. The results obtained from the interview and screening provides us with information about the group that is most appropriate to accommodate individual needs and goals.

In addition, prior to the screening which will assist us with group placement all individuals will be required to have a hearing test to ensure that their hearing is adequate for communication within the group itself. You may click here to visit Harmony Hearing & Speech Center for more information about hearing loss and assistive devices for improved hearing and listening.

Groups usually meet twice weekly for one hour sessions and are scheduled routinely throughout the year. Groups are small to ensure that each individual has an opportunity for personalized attention while in attendance as well as to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed.

Aphasia Speaks holds virtual meetings. You can reside anywhere to participate in our on-line meetings.

At Aphasia Speaks, every person will be provided with an atmosphere that is warm, caring and friendly where he or she will be given the opportunity to enhance their communication abilities as well as to meet and mingle with other individuals who are recovering from strokes and living with aphasia.

We look forward to hearing from you and will gladly answer any questions you may have about our program.

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