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Aphasia Speaks

Caring for a stroke survivor is a difficult task, and one which creates the need to have answers to many questions. 

One of those questions may be: 

Will my loved one survive and how will I be able to help with the physical and communication needs that he or she may have?

Or more specifically, how will I help my loved one communicate when they are unable to speak? 

Very importantly, what can I do when insurance or Medicare will no longer cover the costs for speech therapy when my loved one is still unable to communicate successfully? 

These among many others, are questions which many caregivers often become quite concerned and overwhelmed about, as caregiving is often a major role which becomes more complex when the caregiver may also have other responsibilities in their own lives. Caregivers may be working to support their family financially, running a household and caring for other family members that may include children and/or older parents. This can negatively impact the caregiver’s own physical and psychological well-being.

All too often caregivers may feel the need to do it all. However, it is extremely important to ask for or seek out help because realistically speaking one can never do a successful job of caring for a stroke survivor without help or assistance. The first and most important job which caregivers often fail to recognize is the need to care for themselves. If the caregiver is not physically and/or psychologically healthy then they will never be able to successfully help their loved one. This reinforces the importance of finding a balance between caring for your loved one as well as for yourself. 

Aphasia Speaks is a family focused program which provides direct communication enhancement while at the same time provides guidance and educational support to the stroke survivor’s caregiver and family. Aphasia Speaks provides opportunities for caregivers to learn first- hand how they can reinforce or carryover to the home, the instructional communication activities that their loved one has learned in our socialization and communication enrichment group program.  At Aphasia Speaks caregivers will have an opportunity to meet and talk to other caregivers who are also living through a similar experience.  

In addition, Aphasia Speaks also provides lectures and workshops which focus on providing tips on how caregivers and other family members can more effectively communicate with their loved ones.

For more information, please visit our library page which provides a number of extremely educational and heartwarming videos. 

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